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the ARC Sustainable Development and the Arctic
Sustainable Development and the Arctic: An Imperative in Search for a Uniting Agenda

At the end of April the International Arctic Science Committee held the ASSW (Arctic Science Summit Week) in the year of the Committee’s 25th anniversary in Toyama, Japan. The IASC is a network which sets … read more

Arctic Science Summit Week theARC

The ARC Country Perspectives in the Arctic, Norway
Assessing Country Perspectives on the Arctic – The Case of Norway

The Arctic should be a region of peaceful cooperation, stability, respect for international law and sustainable management of resources. Yet, recent geopolitical tensions are suggested to potentially result in spill-over effects to the Arctic. The overall goal for Norwegian Arctic policy is to ensure that this does not happen. This is of crucial importance as the Arctic is highly relevant to economic development, research and innovation, global nutrition and the global environment.

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Cover Report 1
Energy Politics in the Arctic

The arctic is well suited as a case for the potential dichotomy of many governmental and commercial interests and resulting adverse effects. On the one hand commercial interests … read more

Arctic Frontiers 2015